You Sexy Fucker
Arwen & Nymeria <3

Arwen & Nymeria <3

I got a puppy!!!!!! &lt;3

I got a puppy!!!!!! <3

Finn Collins in a nutshell.

Finn Collins in a nutshell.

Norman Reedus at Cosplay Costume Competition [Thank you for the video!!]

the 100 challenge + smiling

People with nothing to hide don’t usually feel the need to say so. 

Beetlejuice - Shake, Shake Senora
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Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line (Shake Senora)

"My girl’s name is Senora
I tell you friends, I adore her
And when she dances, oh brother!
She’s a hurricane in all kinds of weather!”


Testament Of Youth Trailer, OH MY GOD!!!

DYING… I can’t wait!!

Madre mía esto es lo más!!! :))


Norman Reedus as Van | Floating

:3 hello happiness of my life…

And if he is not quite so old
As the boy you used to know,
And less proud, too, and worthier,
You may not let him go-
(And daisies are truer than passion-flowers)

like no one else, you share that part of my mind that associates itself mostly with ideal things and places.

Testament of Youth - Official Trailer (x)